Air Force Astronaut



Job Detail

Commands space shuttle missions. Pilots space shuttle. Accomplishes on-orbit duties. Operates DoD payloads. Provides manned space flight consultation to DoD activities and other government agencies. Shredouts A....Pilot B...Mission Specialist

Commands space shuttle missions. Responsible for execution of missions, their rules and control directives. Assesses problems and implements deviations from flight plan, procedures, or personnel assignments in the interest of safety or mission accomplishment. Pilots space shuttle. Operates all shuttle vehicle systems through ascent, on-orbit, reentry, and landing phases of flight. Maneuvers shuttle vehicle to establish mission attitudes or orbital parameters. Operates shuttle systems. Serves as integral part of onboard flight operations during ascent, on-orbit, and entry flight phases. Operates and reconfigures orbiter systems during flight phases. Maintains detailed understanding of orbiter systems including nominal and malfunction procedures, and a complete understanding of the impact to mission accomplishment. Communicates with mission control center to exchange direction and information. Operates shuttle payloads. Operates payloads carried aboard shuttle vehicle. Operates remote manipulator system to deploy payloads. Monitors payload shuttle interface. Performs extra-vehicular activity to accomplish repair, refurbishment, or inspection of satellites on orbit in payload bay. 2.5. Provides space flight consultation. Assists in formulating operational policies for space shuttle employment. Provides crew inputs for developmental engineering and mission planning. Participates in developing training equipment and simulating facilities. Maintains flight proficiency. Serves as a crew member aboard National Aeronautics and Space Administration aircraft to remain proficient in aspects of aircraft operations, including flight planning, communications, nominal and emergency checklist procedures, actual aircraft control, and flight crew coordination.

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