Air Force Weather



Job Detail

Commands, manages, and performs weather operations for Air Force and Army activities. Integrates current and forecast atmospheric and space weather conditions into operations and operational planning. Develops, directs, and coordinates meteorological and space weather studies and research. Supports and executes weather operations through leadership and management of weather centers, groups, squadrons, weather flights/detachments. Supports Air Force core weather responsibility to provide meteorological and space weather information for DoD air, ground, and space operations.

Air Force weather observing and forecasting procedures and techniques. Meteorological or space science research. knowledge of advanced field skills, environmental reconnaissance tactics, techniques and procedures, and leadership of small unit tactical operations in the joint special operations arena.

Leads weather units and manages AF weather personnel and resources. Analyzes and evaluates meteorological data and prepares forecast products. Integrates weather analyses and reports with radar and satellite imagery interpretations. Makes mission forecasts. Briefs aircrews and staff personnel on current and forecast weather. Instructs personnel on application of weather to operations, and interpretation and use of meteorological products. Performs global analysis and forecast duties at weather and space centers. Provides weather warnings and advisories for adverse weather to worldwide DoD installations. Provides mission tailored forecasts for special and joint operations. Directs taking, recording, reporting, and plotting of meteorological and space weather observations, analysis of data, preparation of forecasts and other prognostic products and use of meteorological equipment. Makes and directs studies to improve forecasting. Advises commanders and their staffs on capabilities and limitations of weather operations. Conducts and directs meteorological, astrophysical, and geophysical studies. Prepares and adapts specialized forecast, climatology, and other weather studies for operational use. Identifies weather sensitivities and shortfalls, and recommends modifications of instruments, equipment, and products to improve weather service to weapon systems and technologies. Prepares publications on observing, analyzing, and forecasting meteorological, solar, astrophysical, and geophysical parameters. Recommends changes in weather services dictated by advances in military weapons, tactics, and doctrine. Provides meteorological consultation for research activities, and directs gathering and preparing of data for specialized weather support activities. Coordinates atmospheric and space research activities with military and civilian agencies. Develop and leverage environmental sensing strategies and capabilities to characterize the four-dimensional battlespace environment and predictive analysis. Incorporate weather effects based on combat critical weather thresholds across the spectrum of mission profiles and into intelligence and operational preparation of the environment, command and control, and military decision making processes. Provides technical meteorological services. Prepares and directs weather resources to support operational objectives. Writes directives on operational techniques and procedures to observe, analyze, and forecast atmospheric and space phenomena. Supervises and documents Special Operations Weather Team (SOWT) tactics, techniques and procedures and exploits SOWT capabilities. Directs and prepares studies and reports to evaluate weather support requirements. Leads weather teams in support of Air Force, Army, and Joint missions. Serves as staff weather officer to commanders, focal point for all weather sensitivities in and around the battlespace. Leads weather personnel in training, rehearsals, and contingency operations.

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