Air Force Airborne Missions Systems Apprentice


1A591 MOS

Job Detail

Performs aircrew duties on numerous airborne platforms. Operates, maintains, repairs, and tests airborne communications, sensor, computer, and electronic systems. Performs preflight, in-flight, and postflight duties. Supervises and instructs personnel in operation, maintenance, repair, and test procedures. Establishes, manages and supervises airborne mission system operation and directs aircrew training.

experience in operating and maintaining airborne communications, test, sensor, computer, and electronic systems. experience and qualification in advance operations and maintenance of aircraft mission systems.

experience managing advanced operations and maintenance of aircraft mission systems.

Inspects and operates airborne communications, sensors, computers, and electronic systems. Plans, organizes, and coordinates mission activities and materials. Determines aircraft status and coordinates link establishment and network connectivity information. Performs preflight, in-flight, and postflight inspections. Performs initial power-on and testing of airborne communications, sensors, computers, and electronic systems. Establishes and maintains voice and data communications circuits/links. Repairs and maintains airborne communications, sensors, computers, and electronic systems. Operates aircraft emergency systems and equipment. Performs and supervises airborne equipment operations and maintenance. Initializes, operates, monitors, tests, troubleshoots, isolates malfunctions, and repairs radio, audio distribution, switching, data, cryptologic, anti-jam, satellite communications, radar, identification friend or foe, recording and playback, multiplex, electronic warfare (EW), intercept, analysis, recording, broadcasting, imaging, computer, and network equipment (including ancillary equipment). Monitors displays and indicators for equipment status using technical orders and manuals, test equipment, software diagnostics, voltage checks, resistance measurements, waveform observations, or other tests. Installs, operates, and monitors special support systems. Performs aircraft exterior scanner duties. Monitors aircraft engine, propeller, hydraulic, pneumatic and flight controls systems during engine start. Adheres to communication security (COMSEC) procedures Establishes, supervises, and directs aircrew training. Develops and directs instruction in equipment operation and troubleshooting. Ensures standardized procedures are used to teach in-flight equipment operation, maintenance, and repair. Determines need for specific instruction, and establishes training programs on airborne systems. Evaluates airborne mission systems operation and maintenance activities. Evaluates compliance with technical manuals, regulations, and work standards. Serves on or directs airborne mission systems inspection teams to evaluate in-flight maintenance and operational programs. Interprets inspection reports and prescribes corrective actions. Manages operating and maintenance functions. Maintains operational inspection and maintenance records and documents. Reviews unusual and difficult problems in operation and in-flight maintenance of equipment. Recommends methods, techniques, and procedures to enhance maintenance and operational capabilities, and improve mission system options. Advises on mission systems operation and maintenance, and coordinates on research and development projects.

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