Air Force Vehicle Management and Analysis



Job Detail

Supervises and performs the scheduling and analysis of maintenance performed on vehicles and equipment. Uses a computer to manage the vehicle data collection system and develops local retrievals to obtain specific data. Files historical data and maintains vehicle records.

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experience in functions such as maintenance control, fleet management, registered management, operations and maintenance analysis, quality control, diagnostics, or maintenance shop work center, and obtaining parts and materials for use in vehicle maintenance. Also, experience performing or supervising functions such as maintenance control or analysis, quality control, diagnostics, or maintenance shop work centers, and in obtaining parts and materials for use in vehicle maintenance.

Supervises and performs On-Line Vehicle Interactive Management System (OLVIMS) management functions. Inputs data to the OLVIMS computer system and verifies data accuracy. Prepares, reviews and corrects OLVIMS system products. Develops local retrievals to obtain specific data and analyzes this data for specific trends. Coordinates with work center supervisors and using organizations to ensure a timely repair of assigned vehicles. Monitors contract and warranty repairs, status, and funding. Develops and administers long and short range plans and programs for completion of scheduled maintenance and special projects. Programs vehicles for depot maintenance on a five-year maintenance plan. Controls and administers the delayed maintenance, accident, and abuse programs. Operates computers, calculators, typewriters. Maintains and files vehicle historical data and records jackets. Analyzes data for deviations from specific performance indicators and helps to develop corrective actions. Assembles specific vehicular information by extracting and tabulating maintenance data in a logical presentation sequence using automated and manual methods. Prepares data for presentation in tabular, chart, graphic and summary form. Gives written and narrative summaries to meet management needs. Performs fleet management functions. Develops base vehicle priority buy program, priority recall list, and rotation plan. Performs general fleet and operations analyses. Manages vehicle control program. Manages vehicle-leasing program. Manages Air Force equipment management system program for vehicle fleet. Develops alternative sources of support for operational vehicle shortfalls. Manages vehicle custodial account and vehicle authorization and utilization program, prepares and defends base level submission for central appropriated funds procurement of motor vehicles and other budgetary accounts. Reviews and coordinates on statements of work and performance requirements documents requiring government vehicles. Monitors and coordinates on military construction projects.

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