Air Force Defense Attaché


8P100 MOS

Job Detail

Manages and maintains Defense Attaché Office (DAO) budget and fiscal data, maintains DAO information files, coordinates United States (US) Naval ship visits and US military aircraft over-flight and landing clearances with host country officials, coordinates office support requirements with embassy officials, and performs office administrative and support duties according to Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) standards.

Maintains DAO budget and fiscal data. Prepares and submits the DAO budget according to DIA regulations and guidance provided by the embassy budget and fiscal officer. Projects budget requirements for DAO rental housing; house furnishings; and purchases and maintenance of vehicles, travel, and salaries of US civilian and foreign nationals employed by DAO. Maintains DAO reporting requirements. Submits and updates information reports. Maintains the master suspense file for all DAO information reporting and updates reporting requirements directed by higher headquarters. Prepares, edits, and types information reports for attaches. Maintains central research files. Provides feedback to attaches on quantity and quality of their information reporting. Maintains information reporting statistics. Coordinates US naval ship visits and US military aircraft over-flight and landing clearances with host country officials. Obtains diplomatic clearance for ship visits and aircraft over-flights and landings from the host government. Provides briefings to US ship and aircrew members concerning host country immigration, laws, customs, and courtesies. Arranges for lodging and transportation, provides information on local tours, sporting events, and community relations projects for crews. Arranges for handling of US military aircraft at host country's civilian airfields (includes aircraft services such as fuel, power carts, lighting, and security). Arranges for handling of US Naval vessels at host country ports (including food, water, and banking services). Coordinates DAO support requirements with embassy officials. Procures housing, house furnishings, and official vehicles for DAO personnel. Arranges shipping of privately owned vehicles and household goods; obtains passports and visas. Purchases office supplies. Performs DAO administrative duties. Maintains correspondence files, forms, technical orders, and publication accounts. Prepares, types, edits, and dispatches office correspondence. Conducts personnel and financial actions for assigned military and civilian personnel, to include coordinating with embassy officials and representatives of various US military services.

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