Army Rotary Wing Aviator (Aircraft Nonspecific)

Warrant Officer

153A MOS

Job Detail

Perform duties as a Rotary Wing Aviator.

Performs duties described in preceding skill levels; performs duties as an aircraft armament maintenance officer on MH-60 aircraft; perform duties as an Instructor Pilot (IP), Aviation Safety Officer (ASO), MTP or tactical operations officer in Special Operations Aviation.

Plans flights, ascertains factors such as load, weight, fuel supply, route, altitudes or schedules as necessary to safely accomplish mission; supervises loading and unloading of aircraft to ensure load stability, balance, and adherence to aircraft load limitations; pilots and commands assigned aircraft under tactical and non-tactical conditions for military purposes; conducts pre/post-tactical mission briefings; performs aeromedical evacuation missions; performs external load missions; performs aerial evasive maneuvers; trains to engage hostile forces with aircraft armament subsystems; conducts electronic warfare signal intelligence (EW/SIGINT) missions (MOS 153A and 153D only with SQI 9); maintains Aircrew Training Program requirements in appropriate aircraft; detects satisfactory and unsatisfactory aircraft system or flight performance; executes emergency operating procedures for assigned aircraft.

Performs duties described in preceding skill levels; performs duties as a SIP, Aviation Safety Officer (ASO), Maintenance Test Flight Evaluator (MTFE) or tactical operations officer in special operations aviation.

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