Army Emanations Analysis Technician

Warrant Officer

352J MOS

Job Detail

Plans, organizes, and supervises operations of facilities and units engaged in electronic intelligence activities.

Manages personnel and technical assets engage in intercept and analysis of non-communications electromagnetic emissions; plans, organizes, and supervises establishment and operation of facilities and units engaged in electronic intelligence activities; selects sits for tactical non-communications intercept/analysis equipment; ensure ELINT operators and analysts follow established procedures, techniques, and analytical procedures in the intercept and interpretation of electromagnetic signals; advises commander and staff on employment, deployment, and utilization of non-communications intercept/processing equipment, operators and analysts; conducts training programs for non-communications intercept operators and analysts.

Performs duties in preceding skill levels; plans, organizes, coordinates activities, and supervises teams, sections, platoons, or other non-communications analysis organizations; assists R&D elements in the development of collection, processing, location, identification, and analytical equipment; fuses all-source information into intelligence information.

Performs duties in preceding skill levels; provides guidance and technical input to subordinate elements or other staff elements.

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