Army Communications Interceptor/Locator Technician

Warrant Officer

352Q MOS

Job Detail

Manages the personnel and technical assets of national and strategic collection and emitter/location identification (ELI) activities.

Performs duties in preceding skill levels; advises the commander on SIGINT/EW and ELI policy issues.

Manages the personnel and technical assets of national and strategic collection and emitter/location identification (ELI) activities; coordinates, plans, and executes intercept, direction finding, and ELI and EW operations; advises the commander on employment of SIGINT collection and ELI assets; conducts training on SIGINT collection and ELI equipment; supervises the installation, calibration, adjustment and testing of ELI equipment; supervises establishment of work schedules and evaluates training and operational performance of personnel and equipment; possesses detailed knowledge of radio wave propagation and antenna theory; conducts studies, analysis, and evaluation of collection and ELI statistics and presents results to the commander.

Performs duties described in preceding skill levels; performs continuous evaluation of SIGINT/ELI operations at joint and strategic level; supervises application of traffic analysis, cryptanalysis, and collection strategies; serves as advisor to allied forces using U.S. Army SIGINT/ELI and EW equipment supporting intelligence collection activities; plans and coordinates the integration of new SIGINT/EW and ELI collection and analysis systems; acts as a liaison and technical advisor on the development and implementation of SIGINT/EW systems; Performs duties described in paragraph g(2); (b) Develops, conducts and supervises the instruction of SIGINT/ELI methods and techniques at initial entry and advanced training.

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