Army Emanations Analysis Technician

Warrant Officer

352R MOS

Job Detail

Manages personnel and technical assets engage in intercept and analysis of non-communications electromagnetic emissions.

Performs duties described in preceding skill levels; provides guidance and technical input to subordinate elements or other staff elements; ensure doctrinal analytical procedures and techniques are taught and incorporated into doctrinal literature.

Manages personnel and technical assets engage in intercept and analysis of noncommunications electromagnetic emissions; plans, organizes, and supervises establishment and operation of facilities and units engaged in electronic intelligence activities; selects sits for tactical noncommunications intercept/analysis equipment; ensure ELINT operators and analysts follow established procedures, techniques, and analytical procedures in the intercept and interpretation of electromagnetic signals; advises commander and staff on employment, deployment, and utilization of noncommunications intercept/processing equipment, operators and analysts; conducts training programs for noncommunications intercept operators and analysts.

Performs duties described in preceding skill levels; plans, organizes, coordinates activities, and supervises teams, sections, platoons, or other noncommunications analysis organizations; assists R&D elements in the development of collection, processing, location, identification, and analytical equipment; fuses all-source information into intelligence information.

MOS with Similar Name
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  • MOS 352R Emanations Analysis Technician
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