Air Force Bioenvironmental Engineer


43E3 MOS

Job Detail

Applies engineering and scientific principles in identifying and evaluating occupational and environmental health (OEH) hazards and recommending controls to support risk management decisions to ensure Force Health Protection.

For award of AFSC 43E3A, a minimum of 24 months experience in bioenvironmental engineering assignments.

Same as junior tasks.

Executes and supervises bioenvironmental engineering programs. Applies knowledge of engineering and the sciences to assist commanders in meeting mission objectives at home station and deployed settings. Performs health risk assessments for chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and physical hazards, which may compromise Force Health Protection. Advises commanders on impact of unacceptable risk to mission and provides viable courses of action to reduce and eliminate risk. Identifies and assesses effectiveness of occupational and environmental health controls. Participates in installation contingency response activities, including exercises. Determines the appropriateness of personnel protective equipment and individual protective equipment. May participate in development of policy. Directs and supervises technicians conducting base bioenvironmental engineering activities. Maintains liaison with local, state, and federal agencies on matters involving occupational and environmental health standards and; Advises command and staff agencies on effective operational risk management (ORM) decisions and; Develops measures to control radiological hazards; monitors staff and medical facilities, to include unrestricted areas to ensure permissible limits of health risk hazards are not exceeded. Coordinates medical physics activities. Serves as Radiation Safety Officer where required; and AFSC 43EXG: Serves as Medical Service Radiation Consultant in planning, designing, and constructing facilities for storage, use, and disposal of radioactive material or radiation producing devices. Ensures adherence to prescribed safety standards by inspecting all procedures used to handle, ship, store, use or dispose of radioactive materials. Maintains liaison on health physics matters with representatives of the Radioisotope Committee, Nuclear Regulatory Commission, and other pertinent governmental and civilian agencies. 2.5. AFSC 43EXC/E: Applies knowledge of architecture and engineering to modernize and maintain health care, training, and laboratory facilities. Provides guidance on functional and technical criteria specific to medical design and construction. Programs and plans medical facilities projects, reviews plans, specifications, and other supporting data for their technical, medical, and functional sufficiency. 2.6. AFSC 43EXM: Develops, institutes, and sustains medical physics programs for radiotherapy, nuclear medicine, and diagnostic imaging physics services to support patient care. Supports radiology resident training programs. Conducts medical physics activities, research and development on medical physics related topics.

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