Air Force Aerial Gunner


1A791 MOS

Job Detail

Inspects, operates, and secures armament systems and subsystems, and performs aircrew functions under training, combat, or testing conditions. Instructs unit gunners concerning airborne weapon systems, procedures, and tactics.

Experience performing as an aircrew member, inspecting, operating, and troubleshooting aircraft and airborne armament systems; performing scanning duties and using NVGs. Also, experience performing and supervising functions such as: aircrew duties associated with inspecting, operating, and troubleshooting airborne armament systems, performing scanner duties, NVG applications, ensuring safe and effective weapon employment, aircrew training and evaluation, and the accomplishment of all necessary reports and forms.

Experience in managing aerial gunner activities and functions.

Performs program management functions. Manages tasks associated with engineering, program control, configuration management, test, manufacturing and quality assurance, and integrated logistics support. Responsive to user environment, concerns, and requirements. Coordinates with users to translate operational requirements and system design into definitive subsystem and equipment acquisition programs. Manages program progress to ensure availability of operable and supportable subsystems and equipment. Makes changes to acquisition program to achieve desired outcomes.

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