Air Force Pest Management


3E453 MOS

Job Detail

Manages, evaluates, and executes pest management techniques and associated pest management environmental compliance.

See collateral duty

Performs integrated pest management functions. Conducts pest management surveys. Determines pest management actions needed to control and prevent infestations of plant and animal pests. Interacts and coordinates with medical activities to control health hazards. Selects chemicals and operates pesticide dispersal equipment. Provides maximum benefits consistent with environmental protection parameters. Ensures compliance with applicable laws and directives. Maintains tools, equipment, facilities, and storage areas. Ensures correct use and maintenance of personal protective equipment and tools. Plans and coordinates activities. Evaluates proposed work, determines resource requirements, and prepares cost estimates. Identifies, budgets for, and acquires specialized equipment. Inspects facilities and provides assistance to building managers on pest preventative and control practices. Maintains historical databases and tracking systems. Performs quality assurance and evaluation of contracted pest management functions.

Experience in functions such as pest surveys, pesticide application, operation and maintenance of pesticide equipment, and pesticide storage. Also, experience performing or supervising functions such as planning, coordinating integrated pest management activities, and pesticide storage.

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