Air Force Signals Intelligence Analysis Manager


1N200 MOS

Job Detail

Manages, supervises, and performs intelligence activities and functions including exploitation, development, and dissemination of multisensor imagery products to support warfighting operations and other activities.

Exploits and analyzes multisensor imagery in conjunction with all-source intelligence information. Determines type, function, status, location, significance of military facilities and activities, industrial installations, and surface transportation networks. Determines type, function, and location of military equipment including ground, air, naval, missile, and electronic orders of battle. Uses multisensor imagery to conduct comparative analysis. Analyzes terrain to determine trafficability, and identify landing zones and defensive fortifications. Analyzes structures of military and industrial installations to determine construction type and functionality. Determines present and future imagery collection requirements. Prepares damage assessment reports detailing structural damage and weapons effects. Uses multispectral imagery to analyze the likelihood of military and non-military activities and monitors counterinsurgency operations, through the use of full motion video, in direct support of special operations. Operates imagery exploiting equipment including computer-assisted exploiting and automated database systems. Constructs queries and retrieves historical files to conduct comparative analysis. Uses automated exploitation equipment to prepare, review, and transmit intelligence reports. Uses softcopy imagery systems to exploit, perform mensuration, annotate, and disseminate imagery products. Performs precise mensuration of multisensor imagery to determine geographic location, and vertical and horizontal measurements of objects. Uses maps, charts, geodetic products, and multisensor imagery to determine distance, azimuth, and location of targets. Compiles imagery derived data into detailed target assessments. Uses collateral information from other intelligence disciplines to analyze imagery. Prepares and conducts multisensor imagery derived intelligence briefings. Compiles and maintains imagery target folders. Prepares and conducts multisensor imagery derived intelligence briefings. Operates the RQ/MQ-1 Predator A/B, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle's (UAV) camera sensor suite. Plans mission, maintains collection list, identifies collection sequence and provides UAV pilot with navigation information for image collection of specific targets. Responsible for collection acquisition, control of UAV sensor suite, identification of key features and determining optimal sensor selection. Monitors launch parameters, provides terminal guidance for laser-guided munitions and assesses weapons impact and effects.

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