Air Force Aerospace Medical Service


4N051 MOS

Job Detail

Plans, provides, and evaluates routine patient care and treatment of beneficiaries to include flying and special operational duty personnel. Organizes the medical environment, performs and directs support activities for patient care situations, including contingency operations and disasters. Performs duty as Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)/Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN), Independent Duty Medical Technician (IDMT), Aeromedical Evacuation Technician (AET), Hyperbaric Medical Technician (HBMT); Allergy and/or Immunization Technician (AIT), Special Operations Command (SOC) Medic, Dialysis Medical Technician (DMT), Critical Care Technician (CCT), or Neurology Technician (NT) functions.

Experience performing functions such as care and treatment of patients, operating and maintaining therapeutic equipment, and properly administering parenteral immunizing biologicals. Qualification in and possession of AFSC 4N051/X1. Also experience performing or supervising functions such as nursing activities; care and treatment of patients; operating and maintaining therapeutic equipment; conducting paraprofessional portions of physical examinations; and assisting in medical treatment of patients

Experience managing functions such as medical and related patient care and administrative activities.

Provides, supervises and manages patient care of beneficiaries to include flying and special operational duty personnel. Performs nursing tasks. Acts as Primary Care Element (PCE) member and/or team leader. Front-line preventionist who identifies potential health risks and provides preventative counseling. Performs paraprofessional portions of preventative health assessments and physical examinations. Monitors and records physiological measurements. Orients patients to the hospital environment. Admits, discharges, and transfers patients as directed. Observes, reports, and records observations in patient progress notes and team conferences. Performs portions of medical treatment, diagnostic, and therapeutic procedures. Cares for, observes, and reports on pre/post-operative, seriously or critically ill, and injured patients. Records treatments and procedures rendered and observes effects. Performs postmortem care. Identifies patient problems and assists in developing and evaluating patient care plan(s). Assembles, operates, and maintains therapeutic equipment. Provides field medical care in contingency operations and disasters. Performs basic life support and triage in emergency situations. Serves as member of primary emergency medical response to in-flight emergencies and potential mass casualty scenarios for on- and off-base incidents. Operates emergency medical and other vehicles. Loads and unloads litter patients. Participates in contingency or disaster field training, exercises, and deployments. Assists flight surgeon with aircraft mishap and physiological incident response, investigation, and reporting. Augments search and rescue flying squadrons. Supports flight surgeon to develop flying safety and deployment briefings. Identifies medical conditions that may disqualify a member for worldwide duty and assists providers with initiation of physical profiles. Assists with oversight of grounding and waiver management follow-up systems. Obtains and maintains linen and supplies/areas. Disposes of medical waste. Maintains inpatient and outpatient medical records. Screens medical records for deployability and other medical administrative requirements. Prepares and submits administrative reports. Manages supplies and equipment, submits and executes budgets. Coordinates medical service activities with execution and clinical management teams. Supervises personnel, conducts training, and schedules for duty. Schedules and/or conducts in-service training on procedures, techniques, and equipment. Provides required basic life support training. Schedules and/or conducts periodic disaster training, fire drills, and evacuation procedures. Provides training to medical and non-medical personnel.. Training may include areas such as emergency medical technician and self-aid and buddy care. Performs duty as an IDMT at home station (sustainment training), deployed locations, remote sites and alternate care locations. Renders medical, dental, and emergency treatment; recommends and coordinates evacuations for definitive medical treatment. Performs pharmacy, laboratory, bioenvironmental, immunizations, public health, medical logistics and medical administration duties. Establishes preceptorship and provides forward area health care IAW applicable guidelines in an austere or bare-base environment. Special Operations Command (SOC) Medics perform special operations medical support providing initial combat trauma stabilization, on-going field trauma care, and CASEVAC to definitive care. SOC medics are ideally suited to Special Operations Forces (SOF) and Combat Search and Rescue (CSAR) mission support for establishing bare-base encampments. Performs aeromedical evacuation (AE) ground and/or flight duties. Performs pre-flight/inflight patient care and documentation. Provides emergency care for patients in event of medical and/or aircraft emergencies. Functions as an aeromedical evacuation crewmember (AECM). Pr

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