Coast Guard Aviation Survival Technician



Job Detail

The Aviation Survival Technicians primary responsibilities are to inspect, service, maintain, troubleshoot, and repair cargo aerial delivery systems, drag parachute systems, aircraft oxygen systems, helicopter emergency flotation systems, portable dewatering pumps, air and sea rescue kits, and special purpose protective clothing; Further responsibilities include the storage and handling of aviation ordnance and pyrotechnic devices; ASTs also facilitate survival training such as swim tests, land and sea survival lectures and shallow water egress training; They perform ground handling and servicing of aircraft, conduct routine aircraft inspections, and aviation administrative duties.

Serves as Rescue Swimmer including Physical training, Lifesaving skills, Deployment, recovery and relocation procedures and Rescue swimmer flight operations; Documents aircraft servicing, aircraft discrepancies and appropriate corrective actions, scheduled and unscheduled maintenance using the Aviation Computerized Maintenance System ACMS; Inspects aircraft systems including Flight Controls, Power Plants, Power Train, Aircraft Structures, Electrical, Hydraulics, Fuel, Environmental Control, Life Support and Fire Protection Detection, safety belts, shoulder harnesses, and inertia reels, ground support equipment, aviation rescue equipment, 12 and 28 foot Aerial Delivery Systems ADS, inflatable life rafts, Rescue Swimmer equipment, personal issue protective flight equipment, inflatable life preservers, aircraft oxygen masks, aircraft emergency oxygen bottles, SEAS 1 survivor egress air systems, medium heavy duty industrial sewing machines; Inventories pyrotechnics; Maintains dewatering pumps; Services aircraft oxygen systems to the component level; handles and disposes of hazardous material generated by aircraft maintenance; Fabricates leather name tags and sewing projects; Performs line crew duties including Aircraft ground handling, Aircraft Jacking and lifting, Aircraft Taxi Director, Aircraft Fireguard, Aircraft fueling and de fueling, Aircraft fuel sampling, Aircraft wash operations, Aircraft engine wash operations and Aircraft external electric power operations.

Able to perform the duties of E1 to E6; Manages maintenance control, personnel and resources to meet operational commitments, unit Hazardous Duty Incentive Pay HDIP and Special Duty Assignment Pay SDAP programs, unit Aviation Engineering Department personnel to ensure all shops, maintenance shifts, and duty sections are staffed, Unit Aviation Enlisted Assignment Process, unit Airman Program, unit personnel Competency Codes, unit Rescue Swimmer training program and validates completed maintenance forms, reports and instructions for compliance.

Able to perform the duties of E1 to E4; Serves as Basic Air crewman; Instructs aircrew members in the care, handling, and safe use of survival gear, in the care, handling, and safe use of pyrotechnics and unit rescue equipment, capabilities of unit drop gear and the procedures for aircraft emergency egress and survival; Processes aviation materiel by requisitioning, handling, and disposing of aircraft parts, tools, and consumables; Submits aircraft publication change requests; Prepares Unsatisfactory Report UR of Aeronautical Equipment forms, Issue Release and Receipt Document, for transfer of Ammunition and Pyrotechnics; Briefs passengers in the safe use of aviation personal protective equipment and survival equipment; Tracks unit Rescue Swimmer flight requirements using ALMIS; Schedules aircraft and shop maintenance utilizing aircraft records and reports; Maintains helicopter flotation assemblies, aircraft upholstery, aircraft oxygen systems, aviation rescue equipment, 12 and 28 foot Aerial Delivery Systems ADS, inflatable life rafts, SEAS 1 survivor egress air systems and personal issue protective flight equipment; Supervises biological hazard decontamination of aircraft and equipment, shipment of pyrotechnics and the aviation engineering duty section as the Watch Captain; Troubleshoots aircraft oxygen systems discrepancies to the component level, dewatering pumps; Preserves and de preserves aircraft and shop components; Builds up Air Drop Rafts ADR and Aircrew Survival Vests; Fits aircrew members with all applicable personal protective flight equipment and Designs sewing projects.

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  • MOS AST Aviation Survival Technician