Coast Guard Boatswains Mate



Job Detail

Proficient in marlinspike, deck, and boat seamanship; manages, supervises, and administers personnel and facilities; navigates vessel and serves as deck watch officer and boat coxswain; trains, directs, and supervises personnel in seamanship, maintenance, rigging, deck equipment and boats; supervises damage control and working parties; maintains discipline; serves as member of gun crews or gun mount captains; and operates and maintains heavy equipment used in loading and buoy tending work.

Able to perform the duties required for E3 and E4; enters and verifies unit data using various programs such as the Marine Information for Safety and Law Enforcement (MISLE), Abstract of Operations (AOPS) and Training Management Tool (TMT); interprets radar receiver display target data for head-on, overtaking, crossing, and closest point of approach situations; plots search patterns; conducts navigation briefings; navigates in restricted visibility; manages a paint locker; conducts preventative maintenance on rescue and survival gear; maintains unit's small arms ammunition and pyrotechnics including lockers, logs and related equipment; demonstrates rigging and displaying flags and pennants; and demonstrates passing honors and military customs; manages unit currency maintenance requirements; inspects the material condition of attached small boats; manages departmental or divisional training programs; and conducts certification boards.

Knows standard boat nomenclature and terminology; knows and uses basic marlinespike seamanship including line types, construction and materials, knots and hitches and deck fittings; manages and trains boat crew in the topics discipline, personnel safety and survival techniques, wellness, first aid, and CPR; maintains boat safety and rescue equipment; understands boat construction, stability and maneuvering characteristics; identifies and applies survival procedures during emergencies; performs as a surface swimmer during emergency man overboard situations; performs stokes litter use during medical evacuation activities; understands proper techniques for assisted towing operations; understands and operates emergency pumps in damage control situations; understands, operates, and demonstrates marine firefighting equipment; performs the duties of a Master and Mate of small vessels including marine navigation, radar collision avoidance, and piloting skills; uses electronic navigation equipment; understands marine meteorology; understands and applies the collision regulations Rules of the Road; maintains a safe navigation watch; understands anchoring procedures; knows and uses proper radio communications techniques; and understands and demonstrates use of pyrotechnics.

Able to perform the duties required for E3 through E6; oversees and manages all operations of the Boatswain's Mate; conducts certification check rides for boat crew positions; provides leadership with quality control and trend analysis; executes and gives reports to executive and senior leadership; counsels and mentors subordinates; handles staffing, advancements and performance evaluations; manages legal issues.

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