Coast Guard Dental Technician



Job Detail

Performs clinical and administrative duties, assists the dental officer in treatment of patients, gives first aid, prepares and carries out dental administrative assignments, gives oral prophylactic treatment under supervision and assists in the preventive dental program; may be qualified in other areas, such as dental prosthetic laboratory techniques and maintenance and repair of dental equipment; must be prepared to assist in the prevention and treatment of nuclear, biological, and chemical warfare casualties.

Able to perform the duties required for DT3; supervises central sterilization procedures; presents oral health materials; performs preventive maintenance on dental hand pieces, air compressors, autoclaves and sterilizers, dental operating room accessory equipment, and motor chair; processes oral X-rays; acts as an oral surgery assistant; dispenses postoperative medication; prepares and maintains official reports, patient records, and dental material reports; treats and manages mass casualties; exposes and processes total dental X-rays; supervises dental administrative office appointment systems and accounting activities including supplies.

Able to perform the duties required for DT2 and DT1; serves as administrative assistant to senior administrative staff; serves as enlisted technical or specialty expert; administers dental and medical training programs; reviews all medical reports and presents them to appropriate command; provides direction and supervision to enlisted personnel in the performance of their duties; serves as senior enlisted technical or specialty administrator; provides senior-level supervision and administration to all enlisted personnel; ensures maximum efficiency of the work force and the equipment; prepares general correspondence concerning fiscal, supply, and administrative matters; assists in the formulation of plans, policies, and budget requirements; may supplement the officer corps in the overall supervision and administration of personnel and equipment.

Prepares patients for dental treatment; identifies, sharpens, cares for, and sets up instruments for all phases of dentistry; instructs patients in daily oral health care; assists dental officers in all phases of dentistry; performs basic X-ray procedures; composes, prepares, and charts dental conditions; performs cardiopulmonary resuscitation and basic first aid.

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