Coast Guard Fireman



Job Detail

Performs all basic fireman apprenticeship functions in engineering areas aboard ship, involving cleanliness, operation, maintenance, and preservation of main propulsion, auxiliary steam or diesel machinery, steam or diesel generators, various pumps, motors, and associated equipment; identifies basic types and components of boilers, steam turbines, reduction gears, propellers and shafting, shipboard electric systems, and internal combustion engines; performs routine maintenance procedures.

Not applicable.

Not applicable.

Maintains outboard engines; serves as a boat crewmember and engineer on Coast Guard small boats and cutters; performs the duties of communications watchstander, maintains log books; performs the duties of boarding team member conducting federal law enforcement; conducts boat and vehicle checks and maintenance; preps, primes and paints all engineering spaces; maintains log books, answers phones, transfers calls; works on Coast Guard workstations inputing and researching information; serves as messcook in port and underway, assisting with meal preparation, galley administration and cleanliness.

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