Coast Guard Intelligence


Intel MOS

Job Detail

A Coast Guard Officer is expected to lead first and posses particular areas of expertise where he or she can employ leadership qualities; Coast Guard billets are unique where they have been grouped into generally accepted occupational specialties with similar sets of professional skills and experience requirements

MOS with Similar Name
  • MOS 01B Aviation/Infantry/Armor/Military Inte...
  • MOS 0200 Basic Intelligence Marine
  • MOS 0201 Basic Intelligence Officer
  • MOS 0201 Basic Intelligence Officer
  • MOS 0202 Marine Air/Ground Task Force (MAGTF) ...
  • MOS 0203 Ground Intelligence Officer
  • MOS 0204 Counterintelligence (CI)/Human Source...
  • MOS 0205 Senior All-Source Intelligence Analys...
  • MOS 0206 Signals Intelligence/Ground Electroni...
  • MOS 0207 Air Intelligence Officer
MOS with Similar Code