Coast Guard Personnel Administration

Warrant Officer


Job Detail

Warrant officers serving in the specialty of personnel administration are specialists in general and personnel administration; They serve as personnel, education, and classification officers; They provide technical advice and information concerning officer and enlisted personnel regulations and administration; They organize and supervise personnel engaged in preparing and processing correspondence and personnel records, reports, and accounts; develop and supervise training programs; and administer recreational, travel, and procurement funds and allocation of officer materials and equipment; In order to qualify for Merchant Marine Safety duties, personnel selected for initial assignment thereto will receive special additional training; warrant officers bridge an essential communication link between officer and enlisted.

Senior leadership and management of all personnel at the units to which they are assigned

Senior leadership and management of all personnel at the units to which they are assigned

Warrant officers serving in this specialty are technical experts in unit and personnel administration. They are billeted in critical positions at the organizational and unit level in the management and administration of active duty, reserve, civilian, auxiliary and contract personnel; At the organizational level they serve in senior level positions as policy and procedure experts, assignment officers, program managers and force managers; At the unit level they serve as senior advisors to the command cadre, and provide guidance, expertise and supervision to YN as direct supervisors as branch chiefs, department heads and division officers; insure the necessary flow of information within their units concerning career planning, professional development, and leadership initiatives; provide individual counseling on career opportunities, incentives, military rights, pay and benefits; responsibilities include oversight and coordination of unit administrative and personnel support functions including: pay and benefits; educational services; housing; uniform regulations; morale, well-being and recreation; general mandated training; decedent affairs; military justice; mutual assistance loans; awards; evaluations; personnel and physical security; urinalysis; and the weight program; administer federal travel regulations with regards to travel orders, transportation, mandated training, shipment of household goods, and claims investigations and processing; act as Executive Officers of enlisted personnel at large Sectors and Personnel Service and Support units.

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