Coast Guard Storekeeper



Job Detail

Purchases, receives, stores, issues, and maintains inventory records of property, supplies, and materials; operates computer and accounting software; provides technical support on software and the preparation of accounting records and reports; prepares and maintains all required forms, records, correspondence, reports and files; provides counsel on transportation procedures; maintains retail operations of a base exchange.

Able to perform the duties of E3 and E4; Initiates and supervises the preparation of required reports; controls inventory; performs shipping and receiving tasks for warehousing operations; Applies automated supply procedures; assigns, supervises and trains personnel in the supply department; trains subordinates in the proper use of supply publications; audits required inventory store reports; identifies sources and uses of funds and supervises budgeting procedures; provides technical support on proprietary accounting software.

Able to perform the duties of E3 through E6; Supervises, establishes and directs on-the-job training; organizes and supervises procedures for inventory management; audits year-end financial reports; prepares store replenishment data and forecasts unit requirements; performs system administration duties; Serves as enlisted specialty expert and administrator; maintains and directs supply functions, including those related to security, fiscal control procedures, and transportation; analyzes supply reports, identifies problem areas, and recommends corrective action; plans and administers on-the-job training programs; supervises the preparation of reports; plans and organizes controls in compliance with policy statements; establishes goals and priorities; reviews and evaluates personnel, equipment and material requirements; prepares general correspondence concerning fiscal, supply, and administrative matters; assists in the formulation of plans, policies, and budget requirements; may supplement the officer corps in the overall supervision and administration of staff and equipment; may also supervise staff in other specialty areas.

Operates computer and other office equipment such as fax, copier, and microfiche; files correspondence and records; prepares requisitions; prepares bills of lading and processes shipments in accordance with regulation; familiar with basic concepts and application of proprietary accounting software.

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