Coast Guard Telecommunications Specialist



Job Detail

Transmits, receives, and processes all forms of telecommunications through various transmission media; operates, monitors, and controls telecommunication transmission reception, terminal, and processing equipment.

Able to perform the duties required for TC3; provides technical guidance to subordinates; instructs and supervises subordinate personnel in operation and procedures of communication system; organizes duties and assignments; requisitions supplies and parts.

Prepares messages in correct format for transmission via military and commercial circuits; prepares telegrams in international and domestic form; transmits and receives on radio-telephone and radio-teletype circuits using standard procedures and keeping the required logs; completely processes, routes, and files traffic within own unit; has knowledge of basic communications systems; types 45 words per minute.

Able to perform the duties required for TC2 and TC1; coordinates maintenance efforts to optimize equipment operating condition; instructs classes; prepares and submits budget requests; plans and supervises on-the-job training programs; organizes and maintains technical library; serves as enlisted technical or specialty expert; plans, organizes, and supervises communications activities; prepares equipment reports; plans and administers on-the-job training; serves as senior enlisted technical or specialty administrator; manages telecommunications equipment operations facilities; ensures maximum efficiency of the work force and the equipment; prepares general correspondence concerning fiscal, supply, and administrative matters; assists in the formulation of plans, policies, and budget requirements; may supplement the officer corps in overall supervision and administration; may also supervise subordinates in other specialty areas.

MOS with Similar Name
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  • MOS 2503 Telecommunications Operations Officer
  • MOS 250A Telecommunications Technician
  • MOS 25D Telecommunications Operator/Maintainer
  • MOS 25W Telecommunications Operations Chief
  • MOS 31W Telecommunications Operations Chief
  • MOS 31Y Telecommunications Systems Supervisor
  • MOS 72E Telecommunications Center Specialist
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MOS with Similar Code
  • MOS TC Telecommunications Specialist