Coast Guard Telephone Technician



Job Detail

Installs, operates, maintains, and repairs all types of communications and terminal equipment including: telephone, telegraph, teletype equipment, data communications and terminal equipment, key telephone, private branch exchange, subscriber, and transmission carrier systems; microwave radio; inter-office and intraship communications; public address systems.

Able to perform the duties required for TT2 and TT1; supervises the operation of the electronics shop; plans, organizes, and administers the maintenance and repair program; prepares preventive maintenance schedules; prepares and submits budget requests; plans and supervises on-the-job training; organizes and maintains technical library; serves as enlisted technical or specialty expert; plans, organizes, and directs personnel in the operation and maintenance of communications equipment; plans and administers on-the-job training programs; supervises the preparation of reports; serves as senior enlisted technical or specialty administrator; ensures maximum efficiency of the work force and the equipment; manages the operation and maintenance procedures of communications equipment; prepares general correspondence concerning fiscal, supply, and administrative matters; assists in the formulation of plans, policies, and budget requirements; may supplement the officer corps in the overall supervision and administration of personnel and equipment; may also supervise personnel in other specialty areas.

Able to perform the duties required for TT3; provides technical guidance to subordinate personnel; supervises the installation of telecommunications systems and equipment; estimates equipment and material needs; prepares work requests; reviews completed work logs and checklists.

Has knowledge of electricity and electronics; reads and interprets schematics; uses electronic test equipment to localize and replace faulty components; places and splices aerial, underground and submarine cables; surveys locations and constructs pole line and cable plant for communications, signaling, and power distribution systems; contacts the public relative to acquisition of right of way; plans and estimates needs; arranges for the procurement of materials; installs antennas and antenna ground system.

MOS with Similar Name
MOS with Similar Code
  • MOS CTT Cryptologic Technician, Technical
  • MOS TT Telephone Technician