Coast Guard Yeoman



Job Detail

Performs as a human resource specialist or generalist in general and personnel administration of compensation benefits, including training and development; provides technical advice and information concerning permanent and temporary employee compensation and benefits for active duty and reserve personnel; prepares and processes correspondence, reports, personnel records, and applicant flow data; authorizes compensation, procurement, and relocation entitlements and benefits through use of office automation systems; and prepares official correspondence, administrative directives, regulations, and orders.

Able to perform the duties required for E3 through E6; prepares written and oral reports and delivers briefings and presentations to staff and senior personnel; prepares administrative discharge recommendations; prepares organizational instructions and notices directing policy; assists employees with dispute resolution through the submission of Personnel Records Review Boards and Board of Correction to Military Records; administers on-the-job training programs; interviews, assigns, supervises, and evaluates office personnel; provides career counseling regarding educational and occupational choices; serves as a senior enlisted advisor in matters concerning enlisted personnel; demonstrates technical and specialty expertise; creates and implements on-the-job and other training and leadership programs for employees; provides project management as required; assists in strategic planning for personnel needs, budgets, and assignments; and serves on personnel boards for awards recognition and adverse action; serves as the senior enlisted manager; assumes responsibility for long-range planning, evaluating, and making recommendations regarding office personnel, equipment, supplies, and budget; organizes, executes, and controls inspection and audits for compliance with overall policy and directives; and develops operating budgets and monitors expenditures.

Able to perform the duties required for E3 and E4; provides counsel and interpretation of organizational, federal, and joint governmental policies to employees on policies and procedures pertaining to member and family insurance policies, employee contract extensions, and variable allowances due to job relocation; assists employees in preparation of unique transfer and assignment requests (employee, humanitarian, transfer, and unilateral); provides interpretation of relocation entitlements including overseas transfers; provides assistance to employees for completing travel and transportation vouchers due to permanent and temporary relocation; provides counsel to employees on relocation assistance for temporary and permanent assignments, competency based pay/selective reenlistment bonuses, and defined retirement benefit plans; and maintains a regulations library and correspondence files; prepares documentation for disciplinary proceedings such as non-judicial punishment or court martial; assists in employee preparation for remissions and waivers of indebtedness; counsels employees on policies and procedures for selecting retirement payout options; counsels employees on deferred compensation and career status bonuses; counsels and interprets organizational, federal , and joint governmental policies on relocation entitlements such as household goods weight allowances, time frames for storage, and types of transportation; reviews and approves travel and transportation vouchers for final settlement; and audits records.

Performs data entry and uses payroll and management software applications to process compensation and relocation entitlements pertaining to pay, travel, and transportation; prepares benefits and entitlements forms; prepares and distributes correspondence; provides counsel and interpretation of organizational, federal, and joint governmental policies to employees on hiring, termination, and relocation entitlements pertaining to retirement, discharge, and transfer; creates and maintains personnel data records and applicant flow data; provides counsel to employees on parental leave, sick leave, sabbaticals, and paid time off; and prepares and maintains reprimands / administrative remarks.

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