Marine Corps Communications Officer


0602 MOS

Job Detail

Communications officers command, or assist in commanding, a communication unit or element. They supervise and coordinate all aspects of the planning, installation, operation, displacement and maintenance of data, telecommunication, and computer systems.

Conduct communications planning, manage resource readiness, implement and manage a communications network.

MOS with Similar Name
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  • MOS 0601 Basic Communications Officer
  • MOS 0601 Basic Communications Officer
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  • MOS 0620 Tactical Communications Planning and ...
  • MOS 0624 High Frequency Communication Central ...
  • MOS 0627 SHF Satellite Communications Operator...
  • MOS 0628 EHF Satellite Communications Operator...
  • MOS 0691 Operational Communication Chief
  • MOS 0699 Communications Chief
MOS with Similar Code