Marine Corps M1A1 Tank Crewman


1812 MOS

Job Detail

As members of an M1A1 tank crew or unit, M1A1 tank crewman perform various duties incident to the operation and maintenance of the tank, to include tactical employment, firing and maneuvering. Typical duties include preparing tanks, personnel, and equipment for movement and combat; preparation of ammunition for firing; locating targets; loading, aiming and firing of organic tank weapons using the tank fire control system; driving the tank; and performance of operator-level preventive and corrective maintenance.

Communicate Using Visual Signals; Install a Wire Communications Hot Loop; Conduct Gunnery Skills Test; Perform individual actions as assigned crew member for Gun Table I; Perform individual actions to unload Stuck Main Gun Round; Unload Stuck Stub Base from Main Gun; Engage Targets with M240 Machine Gun From Loader's Station; Troubleshoot Tank.

Perform individual action to Zero 120mm Main Gun; Zero Coaxial M240 7.62mm Machine Gun; Zero M48 .50 Caliber Machine Gun; Fire M257 Grenade Launcher System; Perform individual actions to conduct Armament Accuracy Checks; Identify Error Sources; Communicate the functionality of the Fire control system

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