Marine Corps Cryptologic Linguist, Russian


2675 MOS

Job Detail

Cryptologic linguist are tasked with monitoring, collection, transcription, and translation of intercepted target communications.

Duties include installation and operation of receiving, recording, and associated power equipment; cryptologic linguist search for, monitor, record, translate, and report designated foreign voice transmissions. Linguists also maintain records concerning operational and technical characteristics of targeted communications. Finally linguistic analysts develop and maintain working aids as required and supervise or assist in the installation and operation of applicable signals collection and analysis facilities.

MOS with Similar Name
  • MOS 1A831 Airborne Cryptologic Language Analyst
  • MOS 1A851 Airborne Cryptologic Language Analyst
  • MOS 1A871 Airborne Cryptologic Language Analyst
  • MOS 1A891 Airborne Cryptologic Language Analyst
  • MOS 1N331 Cryptologic Language Analyst
  • MOS 1N331 Germanic Cryptologic Linguist Apprentice
  • MOS 1N332 Romance Cryptologic Linguist Apprentice
  • MOS 1N333 Slavic Cryptologic Linguist Apprentice
  • MOS 1N334 Far East Cryptologic Linguist Apprentice
MOS with Similar Code
  • MOS 2671 Middle East Cryptologic Linguist
  • MOS 2673 Asia-Pacific Cryptologic Linguist
  • MOS 2674 European I (West) Cryptologic Linguist
  • MOS 2675 Cryptologic Linguist, Russian
  • MOS 2676 European II (East) Cryptologic Linguist
  • MOS 6267 LDO - Ordnance