Marine Corps Linguist, Urdu


2727 MOS

Job Detail

Linguists supervise and participate in language translation/interpretation activities pertaining primarily to military operational and intelligence activities.

Conducts bi-directional consecutive interpretation of target language to English and English to target language using phraseology selected to preserve the original intent, meaning, and emphasis. Phrases ideas to avoid language that is stilted, unnatural, and difficult to understand. Displays an impartial attitude toward each speaker and to facts and opinions expressed. Interprets into either English or foreign language statements made by participants in conferences, working parties, and all similar activities. Interviews friendly non-English speaking civilians such as police, clergymen, and other citizens to obtain information of military value. Writes reports, including opinion as to the credibility of the person interviewed, for use by unit commander and for dissemination to lower, adjacent, and higher headquarters. Translates into either English or the foreign language, written material of both a technical and nontechnical nature. Establishes a file of language reference materials, English and foreign language dictionaries, and glossaries of military terms.

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