Marine Corps Metrology Technician


2874 MOS

Job Detail

Metrology technicians are qualified to calibrate precision electronic, mechanical, physical, optical, infrared, and laser Test Measurement and Diagnostic Equipment (TMDE) through use of higher order measurement standards. Typical duties include supervising the operation of a calibration and TMDE maintenance facility to include such tasks as safeguarding and reporting of calibration results, maintaining accurate traceability to a higher echelon laboratory, and preparing and receiving shipments of delicate TMDE. This MOS applies to pay grades E-5 thru E-9 (Sgt-MGySgt).

Plan Test Measurement and Diagnostic Equipment maintenance support; Manage laboratory standards traceability; Manage laboratory quality program; Manage calibration automated information system; Perform the duties of Senior Calibration Chief, TMDE; Perform the duties as SNCOIC, TMDE School; Calibrate laboratory standards; Calibrate microwave measurement equipment; Calibrate electro-optic equipment; Calibrate dimensional equipment; Deploy a calibration maintenance facility

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