Marine Corps Distribution Management Specialist


3112 MOS

Job Detail

MOS 3112 encompasses broad transportation responsibilities. TM specialist use numerous Federal, DOD and service regulations, the Defense Transportation System (DTS), commercial modes of transportation, and distribution logistic functions to enable optimal selection and procurement of commercial and government-operated land, air, and water transportation services. They use a variety of automated systems in the performance of their duties Distribution management specialists perform technical distribution management duties pertaining to movement of civilian and military personnel and their dependents, both individually and in groups, using any or all modes of transportation

Conduct In-Transit Visibility (ITV) of cargo; Process inbound cargo; Process outbound cargo; Redistribute cargo; Process tracer action; Conduct container inventory; Conduct container stuffing

Perform systems administration functions for the Automated Information Systems; Manage civilian employee(s); Supervise In-Transit Visibility (ITV) of cargo; Conduct Base/Installation scale operations; Manage distribution operations; Process a claim; Supervise inbound cargo

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