Marine Corps Finance Technician


3432 MOS

Job Detail

Finance technicians perform the duties associated with the maintenance, review, payments processing of master pay accounts, and the fiscal accounting supporting the transactions. Finance technicians also perform duties incident to the adjudication, computation, review, and payment of vouchers of reimbursement for official travel.

Validate the Characteristics of a Line of Accounting (LOA); Prepare a Disbursing Diary; Compute Adjustments to Pay and Allowances; Compute Deductions and Collections of Pay; Compute Special Payments; Prepare a Special Payroll; Process a Decentralized and Centralized Regular Payroll

Maintain Correspondence Files and Directives; Conduct Forward Deployed Finance Operations; Manage Suspense Accounts; Prepare Daily Statement of Accountability (DD 2665); Audit Collection Vouchers; Process Exchange for Cash Check; Process Checks for Distribution

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