Marine Corps Criminal Investigator CID Agent


5821 MOS

Job Detail

Criminal investigation division agents perform criminal investigative duties while operationally assigned to the Criminal Investigation Division and Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS). CID agents conduct all felony general criminal investigations falling within the jurisdictional purview of CID and NCIS, provide technical guidance and supervision to junior CID agents and apprentice investigators, conduct covert operations, personal protective services, hostage negotiations, polygraph examinations, laboratory examinations, and liaison with other senior military, civil and Federal law enforcement agencies.

Employ Use of Force; Complete Report of Investigation; Conduct a records check; Obtain records; Obtain handwriting exemplars; Determine authority/jurisdiction; Collect case prints

Conduct a field test; Conduct an interview interrogation; Employ technical listening equipment; Provide Testimony; Process a crime scene; Conduct surveillance; Manage an informant.

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  • MOS 5821 Criminal Investigator CID Agent