Marine Corps Aviation Ordnance Systems Technician


6541 MOS

Job Detail

Aviation ordnance equipment repair technicians perform duties incident to the accounting, stowage, breakout, testing, maintenance, assembly and transportation of airborne armament equipment, armament-handling equipment, air launched missiles, and conventional munitions.

Utilizes aviation ordnance administrative procedures necessary to establish and operate an IMA; Conducts administrative and material inspections of IMA activities; Prepares naval messages, orders, instructions, SOPs, and safety precautions; Manage the Ammunition Stock Recording System (ASRS)

Performs IMA level maintenance on armament weapons support equipment (AWSE); Assembles and performs maintenance on air-launched missiles, and conventional munitions, as authorized; Performs IMA level maintenance on aircraft armament equipment; Identifies munitions by type, nomenclature, and explosive hazard; Identifies the hazard present and appropriate emergency response procedures for each type of munitions handled; Transports explosives utilizing assigned handling and transportation equipment; Employs appropriate safety precautions, security procedures, and record keeping practices for munitions; Conducts ammunition inventories and maintains stock records of lots/serial numbers

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