Marine Corps Aviation Ordnance Chief


6591 MOS

Job Detail

The aviation ordnance chief supervises the establishment and functions of aviation ordnance activities. The aviation ordnance chief assists the aviation ordnance officer with the daily planning, conduct, and execution of the ordnance section, division, or department. This MOS applies to pay grades E-7 thru E-9 ( GySgt thru MGySgt).

Assists the aviation ordnance officer in managing the activities of aviation ordnance personnel in their duties and tasks; Provides leadership, instruction, training, and mentorship in all matters pertaining to Aviation Ordnance, career progression, and core values; Prepares orders, naval messages, instructions and SOPs, and safety precautions; Provides subject matters expertise in planning and implementing aviation ordnance functions; Provides authoritative representation and advocacy on joint/service staffs for aviation ordnance logistics and acquisition support

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