Marine Corps Aviation Supply Officer (I)


6602 MOS

Job Detail

Aviation supply officers are unrestricted officers who may command, or assist in commanding a Marine Aviation Logistics Squadron. Aviation supply officers may also achieve designation as an Acquisition Professional. Aviation supply officers are responsible for planning, directing, and controlling the performance and execution of aviation supply functions within Marine Aircraft Wings, Marine Aviation Logistics Squadrons, Marine Corps Air Stations, CVs and LHAs, and various TYCOM and SYSCOM staffs.

Monitor the manning and assignment process for the MALS; represent the MARFOR MARFOR/MAG/ACE commanding officer for aviation logistics concerns; coordinate the deployment of the aviation logistics elements of the MALS.

ensure that aviation supply operations sustain the units combat readiness, supervise and control navy-deployed and sponsored aviation inventory management functions, ensure aviation supply operations sustain the units combat readiness and the department goals to develop and execute plans,

MOS with Similar Name
MOS with Similar Code
  • MOS 1660 RL - Special Duty - Merchant Marine
  • MOS 6600 Basic Aviation Supply Marine
  • MOS 6601 Basic Aviation Logistics Officer
  • MOS 6602 Aviation Supply Officer (I)
  • MOS 6604 Aviation Supply Operations Officer (III)