Marine Corps Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting Specialist


7051 MOS

Job Detail

Personnel of MOS 7051 employ firefighting equipment and extinguishing materials to rescue victims involved in aircraft crashes and to fight fires. Typical duties include operating, servicing, inspecting, and testing aircraft rescue and firefighting vehicles, firefighting systems, controls, and rescue equipment, controls and rescue equipment; instructing personnel in the techniques and procedures rescue and firefighting.

Independently supervises mutual-aid or automatic-aid responses; Plans life safety and fire prevention inspections; Plans technical training schedule; Prepares emergency operations plans; Advises and assists in the development of budget requirements

Performs applicable firefighting functions; Assist in all phases of rescue incidents; Administers first aid to injured personnel. Personnel are qualified in CPR and up to first responders level; Operates, maintains, and refills all types of extinguishers; Assist in the performance of maintenance and inspection of all types of firefighting support equipment; Maintains individual protective clothing and self contained breathing apparatus; Performs appropriate defensive actions for hazardous materials incidents

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