Marine Corps Low Altitude Air Defense (LAAD) Gunner


7212 MOS

Job Detail

LAAD gunners operate and perform prescribed maintenance on LAAD surface-to-air weapon systems.

Performs the prescribed procedures for the receipt, transportation, handling, and maintenance of LAAD weapons; Learns and follows standing operating procedures for the deployment and employment of LAAD weapons; Maintains a working knowledge of threat aircraft characteristics and capabilities; Complies with established rules of engagement and firing doctrines, Utilizes established "safe corridors" and applicable fire control restraints in the operating area.

Performs the duties of a LAAD section leader, Employs, operates, and maintains the Tactical Defense Alert Radar (TDAR)., Interfaces the TDAR with an automated Marine Air Command and Control system (MACCS), Performs the duties of a LAAD platoon sergeant supervising the emplacement and employment of LAAD sections, Prepares map overlays and plotting boards depicting the disposition and status of LAAD sections and teams, Supervises unit and individual training and maintains training records, Performs duties as operations chief of a LAAD battalion

MOS with Similar Name
  • MOS 7204 Low Altitude Air Defense Officer (I)
  • MOS 7212 Low Altitude Air Defense (LAAD) Gunner
MOS with Similar Code