Marine Corps Data Systems Specialist

Warrant Officer

9646 MOS

Job Detail

Data systems specialists manage the operation of a data systems activity which encompasses systems for recording, collecting, controlling, verifying, interpreting, and presenting data used in planning and directing automated Marine Corps data systems. Develop methodology and concepts for optimum utilization of automatic data processing equipment (ADPE). Develop ADPE requirements in coordination with users by assisting in the preparation of formal data automation requirements. Monitor the design and development of software/hardware (including modification to existing programs and ADP systems) to ensure compatibility with operational requirements. Monitor systems development programs to ensure that advances in computer sciences technology and ADPE capabilities and limitations are identified and employed.

Formulates data processing policies and procedures to provide systematic flow of automated data; Establishes organizational structure, operational procedures, training, budget, and coordination far data processing activities; Analyzes ADP requirements and recommends appropriate ADPE to efficiently and effectively support approved systems; Determines and specifies requirements for transmission and receipt of data via communication networks; Evaluates results of analysis date to provide a basis for improving and/or revising programs or procedures to optimize ADPE utilization; Participates in information and tactical data systems studies to determine the impact of employing alternative configurations of ADPE to support present and future information and tactical data systems.

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