Marine Corps Range Officer

Warrant Officer

9925 MOS

Job Detail

Range officers supervise marksmanship training programs with small arms and infantry crew-served weapons to include preparation of syllabi and schedules, and obtaining and allocating ranges. Obtain and allocate training aids and devices, and arrange logistic support for the program being conducted. Emphasis is on the continuing review and implementation of entry level and sustainment small arms training for all Marines. Range officers are responsible for conduct of Marine Corps marksmanship training programs. They also develop marksmanship training doctrine and techniques. As range officers advance in grade, billet descriptions will include: range control/range management; new systems acquisition; research and development of new weapons, ammunition and targetry; and marksmanship doctrinal development responsibilities. Range officers are normally assigned as marksmanship training officers and officers-in-charge of small arms competition teams at the post/ station level and the Marine Corps shooting teams.

Plans layout of training and firing ranges to provide optimum use of terrain and areas available in consideration of factors, such as firing points, impact areas, surface danger zones (SDZ), safety limits, range communication, systems for barriers, warning signals and signs, and storage spaces for ammunition, weapons, and training support equipment; Organizes and conducts courses of instruction for range coach, marksmanship instructor, and range operating personnel; Interprets and enforces regulations, applying pertinent regulations to the area and weapons involved and the type training being conducted; Plans and supervises procedures to evaluate marksmanship skill and performance by individuals and teams, appropriate to the purpose of the firing being conducted and the ranges available; Ensures that qualification/requalification training is conducted following the existing regulations, and that appropriate records are maintained; Maintains familiarity with targets, target material, firing and training courses, and applies existing courses to the ranges and materials available; Adapts and devises courses and materials as field expedients when necessary to provide for realistic marksmanship familiarization, training, and evaluation, appropriate to the organization training mission and environment; Supervises and conducts inspections and checks of small arms weapons and ammunition to determine that weapons to be fired meet serviceability criteria set forth in existing directives and that ammunition to be used for qualification/requalification and firing practice is selected per pertinent directives; Supervises test fire of weapons and ammunition to determine accuracy and serviceability; Maintains familiarity with military and National Rifle Association and Civilian Marksmanship Program rules, regulations, and procedures for rifle and pistol competitive matches with emphasis on the Marine Corps Competition-in-Arms Program; Plans, organizes, and conducts competitive matches and maintains liaison with local gun clubs; Develops, implements and maintains doctrinal publications and courseware material for all Marine Corps Marksmanship Programs; Plans and operates range complexes to include range control, range scheduling and range management billets.

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