Marine Corps Psychological Operations Officer


9955 MOS

Job Detail

Psychological operations officers formulate plans and policies and coordinate and supervise functions pertaining to psychological operations. This MOS will only be assigned as a skill designator MOS by the CMC (M) to unrestricted line officers.

Advises the commander on matters pertaining to psychological operations; prepares psychological operations plans; coordinates psychological operations activities with other military and civilian agencies; analyzes target audiences and evaluates effects of psychological operations; and knows techniques and methodology of psychological operations.

MOS with Similar Name
MOS with Similar Code
  • MOS 9950 Combat Artist (Officer)
  • MOS 9952 Combatant Diver Marine
  • MOS 9952 Combatant Diver Qualified (Officer)
  • MOS 9953 Parachutist/Combatant Diver Marine
  • MOS 9955 Psychological Operations Officer
  • MOS 9956 Ground Safety Specialist (Officer)
  • MOS 9957 Acquisition Professional Candidate
  • MOS 9958 Acquisition Manager/Acquisition Core ...
  • MOS 9959 Acquisition Professional Manager