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1113 MOS

Job Detail

An Unrestricted Line Officer who is qualified in Surface Warfare. Surface Warfare Officers are involved in virtually every aspect of Navy missions. Antisubmarine warfare, antiair warfare, anti-surface warfare, land attack, theatre air missile defense, support for Marine Corps and Navy Special Warfare (SEAL) missions, communications, damage control, and shipboard management all rely on the knowledge and expertise of Officers in the Surface Warfare community. An Officer of the Regular Navy who is on the retired list.

Commanding Officer/Executive Officer (Afloat/Ashore); Department Head Afloat (Large)

Department Head Afloat (Small, Medium). Officer-in-Charge (Ashore/Deployed). Engineering Officer (Afloat).

Prepares and executes budget for supplies and personnel support equipment (PSE); acts as custodian of all non-appropriated billeting funds and the billeting funds property; administers commercial contracts in BQ. Identifies BQ facility requirements.

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