Air Force Explosive Ordnance Disposal


3E871 MOS

Job Detail

Performs, supervises, and manages explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) operations. Locates, identifies, disarms, neutralizes, recovers, and disposes of hazardous explosives; conventional, chemical, biological, incendiary, and nuclear ordnance; and criminal or terrorist devices.

Experience managing EOD functions or operations.

Experience rendering safe munitions, removing and treating hazardous unexploded ordnance, or decontaminating activities. Also, experience performing or supervising rendering safe munitions, treating hazardous unexploded ordnance, or decontaminating activities.

Conducts and supervises render safe operations. Responds to emergencies with equipment and technical data. Conducts long range and close in reconnaissance, identifies and assesses ordnance condition, and advises commanders on recommended safe withdrawal distances. Excavates and safes unexploded ordnance. Exploits unknown items for technical intelligence value. Uses monitoring and detecting equipment when ordnance may contain, or may be contaminated with, toxic or radioactive materials. Supports aircraft sortie generation and Space operations responding to airfield emergencies to render safe ordnance and aircraft during in-flight and ground emergencies or crash incidents. Identifies, safes, removes and disposes of ordnance from crashed aircraft or space vehicles carrying explosives. Disposes of unserviceable, excess, or dangerous ordnance. Transports demolition explosives and equipment to authorized disposal areas. Fabricates explosive demolition charges, and disposes of hazardous explosives. Neutralizes and disposes of improvised explosive devices and Weapons of Mass Destruction. Uses x-ray equipment, robotics systems, and remotely initiated or controlled tools and techniques to interrogate and gain access to the device. Wears special personal protective equipment. Serves as a member of base emergency response team. Provides ability to detect, monitor, evaluate, and decontaminate explosive, radioactive, chemical, or biological ordnance hazards. Identifies, safes, removes and disposes of ordnance from crashed aircraft or vehicles carrying explosives. Recovers airfields denied by ordnance. Clears unexploded ordnance and hazards from airfields, forward operating locations, landing zones, and drop zones. Clears explosive contaminated property. Surveys extent of explosive contamination on AF property, and on bombing and gunnery, research and development, and munitions test ranges. Prepares clearance plans and cost estimates for clearance operations. Establishes, operates, and maintains EOD explosive proficiency ranges. Identifies requirements for and maintains tools, equipment, supplies, and technical data. Orders, inventories, stores, mobilizes, and maintains specialized tools, equipment, supplies, and EOD publications. Uses computers to support flight activities. Develops notional concepts, mission need statements, and operational requirements documents. Plans EOD contingency operations. Develops operation plans, concepts of operation, and operating instructions on EOD employment. Develops explosive safety plans. Supports special activities and taskings. Supports United States Secret Service, and other Federal agencies by providing protection to the President, Vice President, and other dignitaries. Deploys to support special operations and military operations other than war. Supports research and development testing of weapons, aircraft, and space systems. Supports specialized Joint Service task force operations. Provides EOD services to Federal, state, and local civil authorities. Instructs base and community members on ordnance recognition and protective measures for improvised explosive devices and conventional ordnance. Provides hazardous materials (HAZMAT) response capability for incidents involving explosive ordnance.

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