Navy LDO - Civil Engineer Corps


6537 MOS

Job Detail

Officer technical managers in the operational fields of horizontal and vertical construction, facilities maintenance, utilities, and automotive and construction equipment. They help plan, coordinate, and direct the technical, operational, training, and administrative responsibilities of Naval Construction Force units, assist in planning, scheduling, and operations of public works departments within the Navy shore establishment. They supervise personnel engaged in horizontal and vertical construction, maintenance and repair (including buildings, airfields, waterfront structures, and utilities systems), and in the operation, testing, maintenance, and repair of automotive and construction equipment. An officer of the Naval Reserve on active duty in the FTS Program (Full Time Support) [Includes officers of the FTS Program rotated to other than FTS billets].

Plans program for manufacture and assembly; Supervises repair and alterations; Schedules torpedo and depth charge repairs in accordance with approved work requests, priorities and availability of personnel and material; Provides technical assistance.

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