Navy Air Traffic Controller



Job Detail

Provides air traffic control services in air traffic control towers, radar air traffic control facilities, fleet area control and surveillance facilities, and air operations offices ashore and afloat; operates radio communication systems and light signals.

E4-E6; Able to perform the duties required for E4-E6; Monitors tower and radar positions; issues bird activity reports; controls aircraft movement on airfields; reports tower and sector visibility; relays hourly weather observations; records weather changes.

E-7-E9; Able to perform the duties required for E4-E6; Evaluates air traffic control (ATC) radar and tower supervisors for certification; reviews proposals for modifications of air traffic control (ATC) facilities; prepares and submits operational capabilities.

Perform duties similar to civilian air traffic controllers and play a key role in the effective use of Naval airpower throughout the world in operational and training environments. Responsible for safely and effectively directing aircraft operating from airfields or the decks of aircraft carriers. Control the movement of aircraft and vehicles on airfield taxiways and issue flight instructions to pilots by radio.

MOS with Similar Name
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  • MOS AC Air Traffic Controller