Navy Aircrewmen Tactical Helicopter (AWR)



Job Detail

Naval Aircrewmen (Tactical Helicopter) (AWR) detect, analyze, classify, and track sub-surface contacts; perform sonar and sonobuoy operations, help coordinate tactical communications relay; conduct weapons delivery in support of tactical missions.

E7-E8 only, converts to AWCM at E9; Able to perform the duties required for E4-E6; Contribute directly to aircrew operations and Naval Special Warfare (NSW) missions, to include; Search and Rescue (SAR), Combat Search and Rescue (CSAR), Night Vision Devices.

E4-E6; Able to perform the duties required for E4-E6; Conducts fueling operations; performs flight planning and ground aircraft servicing; configures aircraft for cargo operations; installs inflight equipment; maintains inventory and supplies.

E1-E3; Assists in the maintenance of aircraft, associated aeronautical equipment, and aircraft support equipment; services, cleans, and handles aircraft; performs other apprentice-level duties involved in the operation of a naval aircraft afloat and ashore.

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  • MOS AWR Aircrewmen Tactical Helicopter (AWR)