Navy Boiler Technician



Job Detail

Operates and performs maintenance on marine boilers, pumps, and other fire room machinery.

(E4-E6) Performs tests on boiler water, fuel, and lubricating oils; operates and performs preventive maintenance on boilers and boiler auxiliary equipment; operates distilling plants; tests and calibrates gauges; exercises environmental control procedures.

(E7-E9) Repair work; supervises oil spill containment and collecting; prepares environment pollution reports; conducts on-the-job training; monitors maintenance and handling of logs, records, accounts, and reports; prepares quarterly maintenance schedules.

(E1-E3) Performs all basic fireman apprenticeship functions in engineering areas aboard ship, involving cleanliness, operation, maintenance, and preservation of main propulsion, auxiliary steam or diesel machinery, steam or diesel generators, various pumps.

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