Navy Cryptologic Technician Communications



Job Detail

Operates on-line cryptographic devices and teletype equipment.

Provide telecommunications support to the fleet (air, surface and shore); information processing using computer terminals observing all applicable security measures; administrative duties, which include maintaining files and updating communications publications via automated methods. Control and operate communications systems and networks including satellite systems, network servers, patch panels, modems, routers, multiplexers and communications security devices; assuring signal quality and path integrity using test equipment such as protocol analyzers, distortion test sets, spectrum oscilloscopes and state-of-the-art signal analysis equipment.

(E7-E9) Able to perform all Mid-level tasks; Supervises and maintains communications center; supervises and evaluates subordinates; prepares written evaluation reports; allocates and tasks manpower assets to complete work load; manages safety.

(E4-E6) Performs all default tasks; Sends and receives communications processing systems; maintains logs, records, files, and publications; inspects, cleans, and makes operational adjustments to keyboard equipment; performs computer software applications.

MOS with Similar Name
  • MOS 1A831 Airborne Cryptologic Language Analyst
  • MOS 1A851 Airborne Cryptologic Language Analyst
  • MOS 1A871 Airborne Cryptologic Language Analyst
  • MOS 1A891 Airborne Cryptologic Language Analyst
  • MOS 1N331 Cryptologic Language Analyst
  • MOS 1N331 Germanic Cryptologic Linguist Apprentice
  • MOS 1N332 Romance Cryptologic Linguist Apprentice
  • MOS 1N333 Slavic Cryptologic Linguist Apprentice
  • MOS 1N334 Far East Cryptologic Linguist Apprentice
MOS with Similar Code
  • MOS CTO Cryptologic Technician Communications