Navy Illustrator Draftsman



Job Detail

Makes illustrations with pen and ink, water color, computer graphics programs, and other art media; makes orthographic and other mechanical drawings; operates and maintains graphic arts reproduction and audiovisual presentation equipment, and computer graphics workstations.

Prepare technical drawings and audio-visual materials such as charts, graphs, slides and television projections; use a variety of art media, including pencil, pen, brush, airbrush, inks and paints; using freehand, mechanical, photomechanical and computer-generated lettering; preparing art and composing type for reproduction; prepare technical drawings and audiovisual materials, such as maps, charts, 35mm slides, overhead transparencies and television projections; operate audiovisual projection equipment; operate photographic and graphic arts reproduction equipment; operate personal computer/desk top publishing systems. DMs also perform duties normally done by LI, Jo and PH, ratings.

(E7-E9) Able to perform the duties required for E4-E6; organizes a training aids and graphics shop; ensures compliance with copy and reproduction regulations; evaluates visual aids and maintains quality control; monitors control of produced classified materials.

(E4-E6) Able to perform duties of E1-E3; Makes illustrations with pen and ink, water color, pencils, art makers, computer graphics programs, and other media for posters, graphs, charts, training aids, books, and publications; mixes colors; designs.

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