Navy Journalist



Job Detail

Supervises or participates in the administration of public affairs activities.

(E4-E6) Able to perform the duties of E1-E3; Researches and writes news releases and feature articles; covers news events; processes news photographs and writes captions; creates and produces material for broadcast use.

E7-E9; Able to perform duties of E4-E6; Manages a public affairs office; plans, establishes, and coordinates special events; prepares cost estimates for command public affairs programs; coordinates news coverage of a major event; administers a shore AFRTS.

Gather facts and write articles for publication in civilian and Navy communities; prepare stories for hometown news outlets; write feature articles on naval personnel and activities; gather facts, write, edit and proofreading news for radio and TV outlets; prepare layouts for base papers and magazines; manage radio and television stations; manage ship or station newspapers; write and produce radio and television programs; set up and/or conduct tape recorded interviews; edit video and audio tape for TV and radio broadcasts; write spot announcements for radio and TV; take news photographs; coordinate special events; advise and training apprentices in the JO rating; perform many of the functions of a public affairs officer; maintain public affairs and research files.

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