Navy Lithographer



Job Detail

Performs graphic reproduction with desktop publishing, lithographic, and related reprographic equipment.

( E4-E6) Able to perform the duties for E1-E3; Reproduces printed matter by the lithographic method; operates graphic equipment; duties include negative stripping, line camera operation, platemaking, type composition, and some preparation of copy and layouts.

Design layouts; set type, make plates, and produce and strip negatives for printing; perform graphic reproduction with lithographic equipment; operate computer-based desktop publishing systems; operate process camera and darkroom equipment; operate printing presses; bind and collate printing products; repair offset presses, duplicators, film process cameras and bindery equipment. Note: this rating no longer exists. It was merged into the Mass Communications Specialist (MC) rating in July 2006.

( E7-E9) Able to perform the duties for E4-E6; Plans, organizes, and supervises the operation of a lithographic and letterpress shop; performs process photography operations; prepares quarterly maintenance schedules; prepares standing operating procedures.

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